Running & Investing – Treadmill Running

Who would have imagined that in the month of February, it will rain ( in Gurgaon – India) . Today, just as I stepped out for my run it started to rain. It was one of those days when crappy weather forces you to run indoors on a treadmill. Within few minutes of running on treadmill one realizes that it’s a mundane workout.

However, I feel that treadmill teaches a runner to :

· develop mental strength,

· improve concentration and

· develop patience in addition to host of other benefits.

Having said that a treadmill allows a runner to carry out different simulation drills:

· running on hills,

· slopes,

· interval runs,

· fat burn,

· sprints amongst others.

In short treadmill is a complete equipment that allows all categories of runners to perform their choice of workout.

When relating to Investing, the crucial behavior that a treadmill helps develop is PATIENCE.

There’s another analogy to treadmill and investing, one must remember that a treadmill is just a motor which takes you nowhere.

I have come across individuals who are running on different type of treadmills:

· Debt treadmill– is the feeling that one is paying monthly EMI and still not getting out of debt.

· Non starting treadmill– these individuals are completely aware that they change their machine or start planning for their financial goals but it’s not on their priority

· Impatient treadmill – not able to finish their workout as they run out of patience, thereby not attaining financial goals.

· Curious treadmill– they are always fiddling with the various functions and like to check their performance multiple times, these individuals keep checking their portfolios multiple times.

In a rising cost world where income is limited and expenses are unlimited, treadmill running is like fixed income investing, or a treadmill to oblivion. It is sure to benefit you but marathons take place outside gym walls not on treadmills.

Content – Ajit Kaushal